Rusnė is one of the oldest, most unique and partly interesting settlements in the Nemunas Delta of Lithuania Minor. The name of the largest island in Lithuania was first mentioned in written sources as early as 1366, when the Teutonic Knights began to consolidate their stronghold on the coast and in the Curonian Lagoon region. Rusnė is a border town located on an island in the Nemunas delta between the Atmata and Skirvytė rivers, with the Pakalnė River running through the middle. On the other side of the river is the Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation. The only road to Rusnė is a bridge over the Atmata. The first bridge to the island was built in 1914. It was a 2-arch Peters Bridge, the remains of which have been preserved until today. 30 years later, in 1974, a new bridge was built next to the old one. It is the largest town in Lithuania, located on an island, famous for its natural beauty, bird diversity and spring tides. The island covers an area of 47 km². In addition to the town of Rusnė, there are the villages of Vorusnė, Šyškrantė, Pakalnė, Uostadvaris and Skirvytėlė. It is not the only island in the Nemunas Delta: Rusnė is surrounded by several smaller ones. Visitors to Rusnė are melted by the spectacularly beautiful marinistic landscapes. The ensemble of fresh Pomeranian wind, water and pine forests creates a simply stunning picture of nature.
Rusnė is not only famous for its landscape or its preserved old wooden architecture – the island is rightly called the capital of the tastiest smoked fish. Many people flock here every year to taste the authentic dishes prepared by the Rusnians and to enjoy the nose-tickling smells of fresh fish. Visitors often return for the first time, knowing that they are always welcome in Rusnė. The harmony of water and land-based activities created on Lithuania’s largest island attracts visitors of all kinds – fishery professionals and amateurs, ornithologists, nature and ethno-culture explorers, and lovers of peace and water. There is no shortage of active water activities – fishing, boating, boating and canoeing are all available. Moreover, Rusnė Island is the most attractive centre for ice fishing in the Curonian Lagoon. It is a unique corner of nature, surrounded by water on all sides, where it is always good to come back.