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(Lietuvių) Klaipėdos krašto diena

2022-01-07 11:29:59

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(Lietuvių) Laisvės gynėjų diena

2022-01-07 11:19:58

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(Lietuvių) Su artėjančiomis šventėmis!

2021-12-23 11:35:50

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Why it is worth to visit Šilute?

There are 322 cultural heritage objects in the territory of the Municipality; the heritahe of architecture, archeology, technique, and maritime heritage have survived the best.

Šilute  region’s  townships

The Municipality is located in the Western part of the Republic of Lithuania, near the Curonian Bay of the Baltic Sea. A greater part of its territory is occupied by the Nemunas delta.

evangeliku baznycia

Šilutė Evangelical Lutheran Church

Šilutė Evangelical Lutheran Church Šilutė church was considered one of the most beautiful East Prussian Evangelical Lutheran Church. Built in 1926 by architect K. Gutknecht Project. In the outside dominates 50 m high tower, which has three bells and town clock. The impressive altar – painter’s, former Koenigsberg Art Academy professor Richard Pfeifer’s, merit. On 80m² altar wall he painted the fresco with 120 original size figures. 80 of them have played an important role in the church's history. At the top, above the altar in front of the Lamb of God kneeling Adam and Eve, and to the left and to the right portrayed people from church history. Other church walls are also decorated with biblical scenes. The church is surrounded by a beautiful grove, next to the church was built stylish parsonage.

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(Lietuvių) Šilutės sekretai

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(Lietuvių) Šilutės siena

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Šilutė Hugo Scheu Manor

Šilutė Hugo Scheu Manor In 1721 was established state Manor in Šilutė. After reorganization of the Prussian state government system 1808 - 1818 m. Radke family acquired the Manor. Manor revival and prosperity began in 1889, when it acquired the landlord Hugo Scheu. Landlord transformed the manor farm, he rent and gave to the town part of the lands. In restored manor was established the first museum of Klaipėda region, where was gathered unique collections. In 1944 October in the Manor stayed the Red Army and a large part of museum values has been destroyed. During the Soviet period there were supporting the Executive Committee for Agriculture. School of Agriculture and the Agricultural Technical School. After Lithuania regained its independence, was started design and restoration work of the Manor complex. Manor doors was opened for the town and its guests in 2015. Currently here is scientific archive of the museum – library, restoration center, carried out educational activities, is held virtual and tiltable exhibitions. Near the manor was founded English-style Park with three ponds and walking paths. At the park, which stretches along the Šyša River to the old railway bridge, were about 150 species of vegetation. Now there are 40 species of trees and shrubs.