Šilutė region

It is difficult to describe the identity of the region in brief – it is necessary to come, see, hear, touch, feel and experience it. Allow the littoral region to enter into your world-view with its small, but rich in the littoral and Lithuania Minor spirit, a graceful in bird flights, charming in people’s sincerity and generosity.

  • Šilutė is a town where Prussian architecture reflections are the most vividly preserved.
  • Šilutė region is famous for floods. And Šilutė is the capital of Lithuania Minor ethnic region.
  • The Nemunas Delta and Curonian Lagoon are the most fishy of all Lithuanian inland waterways.
  • Kintai is a magnificent weathervane birthplace and Minija village is Lithuanian Venice.
  • Along Ventė Cape – runs one of the largest bird migration routes, where birds are ringed.