Ventė Cape


Ventė Cape

It is the most distant Western Šilutė district point. The peninsula length is 5.5 km, the maximum width is 2.2 km. At its tip there is a lighthouse for the ships and rafts as this place was very dangerous. The great bird migration route stretches through it.

Ventė Cape Lighthouse

Was built in 1852, and it is a technical monument overlooking the lagoon, the Curonian Spit, Rusnė Island. The height of the current stone lighthouse is 11 m.

Ventė Cape Ornithological Station

Was founded in 1929 by prof. T. Ivanauskas’s initiative. The great bird migration route stretches through Ventė Cape. During 1929-2015, Ventė Cape Ornithological Station staff ringed nearly 2.5 million birds. In 2015, the station was resurrected to new life.