Žemaičių Naumiestis


An old Samogitian frontier town, the surroundings of which were inhabited since the XIV-th century. The town acquired particular importance after the 1863-1864 rebellion, as having banned the Lithuanian press, it became an important distribution point of prohibited literary. One of the most important book smugglers roads passed through there. The cobblestone XIX-th century Old Market Square of Žemaičių Naumiestis has little changed as well and dates back to the multicultural frontier town life. Houses standing there are as live exhibits reminding of Jewish, Lithuanian, Lithuanian Minor shops, pubs, workshops having operated therein. It is supposed that the author of the first Lithuanian book Martynas Mažvydas was born and raised near Žemaičių Naumiestis. He was placed a memorial stone. The town‘s architecture remaining unchanged over many years, attracts Lithuanian filmmakers.

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