Senojo turgaus aikštė

Old Market Square

Until the Second World War the most prominent representative element of Šilutė was weekly markets in the Old Market Square. Near the market square was built the first inn, from which, supposedly, Šilutė began to expand. The famous fish market were almost a few hundred years in Šilutė Old Market Square.
Šilutės Old Market Square is still surrounded the old buildings, its space is changed a little because of filled flush along the Šyša river and stone pavement under asphalt. This place near the Šyša River, near Šilutė manor and near metal bridge on the road to Rusnė, function of Market Square performs almost 500 years.
Unfortunately, former most visited and commercially busiest place between entrepreneurs and traders, today is dreary and from time to time comes to life just for events.
If it were reconstructed authentically, it could become a major symbol representing the city again.

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