Pamario švyturių kelio maršrutas vandeniu

Route by bike or by a car and boat
Time: about 3-4 Hours

You can start from Šilutė port, Minija village or Uostadvaris port. Then you sail in Atmata River towards Curonian Lagoon. By degrees, while looking and admiring nature, you get to Krokų Lanka Lake which is on the right side.
On the left side of Atmata you can stop in Uostadvaris which is in Rusnė Island. It is worth climbing to the lighthouse, which was built in 1876, and to take a look at the first water lifting station, installed in 1907.
After you finish your look around, you continue your trip and exit from Atmata River to a branch of Minija river which is called Road and sail towards Mingės or Minijos village, also known as Venice of Lithuania, because the village is located on both sides of the river and the only possible way to get somewhere is by boat.
When you get an eyeful of Minge, by Minija you get back and turn to the right to Upaitis towards Kniaupas Gulf. From the bay you sail directly to Curonian Lagoon near Ventė Cape point. Lighthouse in this place stands since 1863, because sailing in this territory was extremely dangerous for ships and rafts. In 1929, Professor Tadas Ivanauskas established a bird-ringing station in Ventė Cape, which is works until nowadays.
In the place where Atmata flows into the Curonian Lagoon, there is a lighthouse which marks estuary. While returning to the port you can have an eyeful of nature.

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