Nemunas Delta Regional Park


Having arrived to the littoral region you will see the unique Nemunas Delta with its main branches – Atmata and Skirvytė and Rusnė Island surrounded by them. The water designing this landscape is a versatile game of interlaced rivers, lakes – lagoon Krokų Lanka and many other smaller lakes, rivers, old riverbeds, marshes and fens. This is one of the few places in Europe where during flood vast grasslands and wetland forest areas are flooded, where nature and man over the centuries adapted to constantly raging verse. Tourists from all over Lithuania and abroad come to admire spring floods’ Power.
Park surface is a flat, low Nemunas Delta plain, formed from a river silt. Intensification of agriculture the Nemunas basin, thinning forests and surface waters washing ever larger areas, deposits increased continuously. They sat down and accumulated in the delta plain, estuaries, closing some openings of branches. Detached and silted oxbow lakes became a separate chain of lakes. Derivatives created by human activity – polders became an integral part of the Nemunas Delta Regional Park. Those are low territories, protected by dykes from continuous or periodic flooding.
The Nemunas Delta is famous for its abundance of architectural monuments and other attractive objects, Ventė and Uostadvaris lighthouses, Minija and Skirvytėlė villages. The residues of the unique Žalgiriai (Bismarck) village-swampers colony are remaining in the park‘s territory.
The Nemunas Delta Regional Park has a developed water tourism infrastructure. The most important places of interest can be seen not only when traveling by car or bicycle, but also by sailing boats, canoes or sup-boards. Water tourism routes are provided for the case. The Delta has an exclusive abundance of passing-by and breeding birds. Here you can see not only rare bird spieces listed in Lithuanian Red Book, but also globally endangered bird species. The Delta is becoming very popular in ornithological tourism.

A few facts about the Nemunas Delta Regional Park:

In the Regional Park, more than 600 plant species and more than 1,000 animals’ species, including many rare and endangered are found. More than 20 plant species and 100 animal species, listed in the Red Book of Lithuania, are found. The Nemunas Delta is the birds’ kingdom. There are more than 300 species of birds found, about 180 bird species breed here, 54 species of which are included in the EU countries‘ most protected birds list, including four globally threatened bird species. The Nemunas Delta Regional Park open marshes, wetlands scrubs, grasslands and forest habitats is home to over 700 species of insects – including more than 300 species of butterflies.10 species of insects, included in the Red Book of Lithuania are found here. The Nemunas Delta and Curonian Lagoon have long been famous as a fishing region. This is one of the finniest areas in the Baltic region.