Nemunas bicycle route in Šilutė Region


The Nemunas bicycle trail in Šilutė district

Route: Usėnai – Galzdonai – Nemunas Delta Regional Park – Šilininkai – Žiogiai Hydrographic Reserve – Kūlynai forest – Užliekniai – Pagryniai – Šilutė – Žalgiriai Cognitive Trail – Rusnė – Uostadvaris – Ethnographic Fisherman’s Homestead – Skirvytėlė- Rusnė Evangelical Lutheran Church – Old Bridge residues and Rusnė Bridge – Minija village – Kintai – Ventė – Ventė Cape Ornithological Station and Lighthouse.

Please note that you take a ride in a frontier area, where the Republic of Lithuania is bordered with the Russian Federation‘s Kaliningrad Oblast, therefore you can be stopped by the border officers and asked for identification papers. Part of the route runs along polders.

Nemunas bicycle route in Šilutė Region

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