Living places of famous people

Švėkšna sum

The route is designed for those who are interested in the life of famous people who was native from surroundings of Švėkšna.
Transportation – bus.

Route: Švėkšna – Gedminaičiai – Veiviržėnai – Balsėnai – Judrėnai – S. Darius home – Stemplės – Švėkšna Cemetery – Laukstėnai – Švėkšna.

Route length – 85 km
Route duration – 6 hours

  1. From Gedminaičiai we pass the bridge over Graumena, and the road guides us through the Bareika village, which is concluded in Teutonic Lithuanian road reports in 1387. Beyond Daukšaičiai is Pašlūžmiai village, where in 1892 Jokūbas Stanišauskis was born, engineer, 1934-1938. Lithuanian transport minister, died in exile of Siberia in 1943.
  2. 11km from Gedminaičiai, we reach Veiviržėnai town where we can stop for half an hour, to see the wooden XVII-XVIII century church. In 1792, Veiviržėnai received Magdeburg rights. Bishop of Žemaičiai – Kasparas Cirtautas (1841-1913) was native of Veiviržėnai parish, which in 1905 consecrated the new church of Švėkšna.
  3. 6 km from Veiviržėnai a bit further beyond Balsėnai village, on the right side of the road you can see a high roof-pole indicating signatory of the February 16th act, Jurgis Šaulys (1879-1948) native place. J. Šaulys was a significant Lithuanian interwar diplomat, who worked as an ambassador in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican, and Poland. He died and was buried in Switzerland.
  4. Beyond 8 km we reach Judrėnai village. You can look in the cemetery, and easily find there the pilot’s Steponas Darius parents cemeteries (the mother died in the U.S., but the remains was brought to Lithuania). Nearly by beyond 3 km – we can find birthplace of Steponas Darius. All of the farmstead buildings were restored and equipped with the museum.
  5. The following roads are waving with picturesque hills, surroundings, and beyond 12 kilometers we are brought to Pajūralis. 11 km on asphalt – and we reach Stemplės. We stop at the wooden building of the former estate, where the writer Simonas Stanevičius lived for 12 years. We also visit the other signatory of the February 16th act, Kazimieras Šaulys native place.
  6. From Stemplės to the cemetery of Vilkėnai 12 km.
  7. From the mill of Vilkėnai, going towards Ž. Naumiestis beyond 7 km we reach Laukstėnai village. Here in 2001 a memorial stone was built to denote that, in these districts between Švėkšna and Gardamas the first Lithuanian book was written which author was Martynas Mažvydas. The exact place of his birth is not known, but the academician Z. Zinkevičius, which had analyzed language of Mažvydas patterns, determined that it is closest to the dialect of these areas.

Return to Švėkšna 9 km.