Švėkšna township


Švekšna is a former East Prussia and the Greater Lithuania’s frontier town. The town‘s urban structure, architecture and buildings differ from towns of Klaipėda region. Švėkšna today is a unique place as well, not only because it is surrounded by a rich and interesting past. It fascinates us by beautiful nature, and architectural monuments and the famous people coming from here. The name of counts Plaiteriai is also related to Švėkšna. At the very center of the town, there is a cobbled market square, where, every Thursday, boils trade. The town is famous for the highest in the area 65 m. two-towered, red-brick church and the XVIII century – set up counts Pliateriai Park with an impressive alley of linden, villa, ponds and sculptures. The town‘s architecture attracts newlyweds and Lithuanian filmmakers.