Kintai township


Kintai is a settlement by the lagoon. In the center of the town there stands an Evangelical Lutheran Church, which dates back to the eighteenth century. Near Kintai there lived a fishing inspector, a merchant of English origin – Wilhelm Beerbohm. In 1844, having introduced marking in weathervanes to the Curonian Lagoon‘s fishing boats. Such decorative and unique weathercocks could not be found anywhere else in Europe. In 1888-1892 m. a famous Lithuanian writer and philosopher Vydūnas lived and worked in Kintai. Vydūnas Memorial Museum was founded here, where you could improve your knowledge on Lithuania Minor’s past and see a unique artifact – Vydūnas‘s harp. Kintai is famous for fishing traditions as well. From old times townies of Kintai “compete” with Rusnė fishermen for exceptional smoked fish recipes. Kintai – Ventė coast has become a favorite place for the artists‘summer Plein Airs. Near Kintai, by River Minija, there is Minija (Mingė) village, also called Lithuanian Venice, because it divided not by a street, but by the Minija River. People living on both sides of the river reach each other by boats.