Kintai Music Festival

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The Kintai Music Festival, which has been organized since 2011 by the public institution “Kintai Arts”, was born out of a desire to foster and proclaim the native seaside region and of the idea to bring professional classical and modern minimalist music from the major Lithuanian cities to the remote town of Kintai, which is however abundantly visited by tourists.

After the project was joined by the ensemble of young professional musicians from Vilnius New Ideas Chamber Orchestra NIKO, the Kintai Music Week has grown into an annual festival “A Storm in the Lagoon”, which takes place in the Evangelical Lutheran churches of Kintai, Kintai Multifunctional Centre and Vydunas Centre as well as in unexpected natural spaces.

The aim of the festival is not only to present professional music performers from Lithuania and abroad, involve people of different age and social groups, but also to allow young people to improve their talents and increase their motivation for creative musical activities. Therefore,next to the Kintai Music Festival, each year master classes for children and youth “Let’s Play Together” are given, involving professional musicians as well.

The Kintai Music Festival has already presented to the audience the violinist Vilhelmas Cepinskis, the accordionist Martynas Levickis, who has signed a contract with ”Universal Music”, one of the first European minimalists German Peter Michael Hamel, a piano trio “Kaskados” and others.

In 2014, the Kintai Music Festival has received significant appraisal. It has become not only an international event, but also has been named by the Silute Municipality a strategic event of the district, representing Silute and especially Kintai.

In 2015-2016, the Festival has become a member of the Belgium international organization “Europe for festivals, festivals for Europe” (EFFE). The International Festival commission has named the Festival an event of high artistic quality, having a strong influence on the local, national and international levels. From now on, information about the Kintai Music Festival will be easily accessible not only to Lithuania and the European audience, but also to artists and various art organizations, sponsors and private companies.

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