Thursday June 2nd, 2011

The new EDEN project project is to focus on promoting sustainable tourism and protected areas in Europe. Eligible destinations are those protected areas and / or the areas as an asset, all the while respecting its environment and meeting the needs of local residents and visitors. This year Silute Tourism and Business Information Center project - the best in Lithuania! NEMUNAS DELTA REGIONAL PARK-UNIQUE TERRAIN OF HARMONY OF NATURE, CULTURE AND TOURISM This is an extraordinary object of nature, landscape and ethnic culture in Sea-shore land. The park covers the delta of the largest Lithuanian river, Nemunas, with its two major branches Atmata and Skirvyte encompassing the the island of Rusne. Such unique landscape seems to be constantly shaped by the play of water: network of smaller river arms, watermeadows, a lagoon lake “Kroku Lanka” and a variety of other smaller lakes, old river beds, channels, swamps and marshes. Park leaves unforgettable impressions during spring freshets when meadow areas of the delta get flooded. It is an important breeding place for many species of birds, including endangered, and resting place for migrating birds which are ringed in Ventes ragas Ornithological Station. For active recreation tourists can choose cognitive paths, cycling routs, entertaining fishing, boating activities. Here everybody can have a good time all year round: in spring a ride along the flooded roads and meadows for the lovers of extreme sensations; in summer you may enjoy traditional pleasures getting acquqinted with wonderful nature, rich history, cultural heritage; in autumn you have the chance to observe the migration birds and in winter – to enjoy ice-fishing in the Curonian Lagoon.

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